Light Guide Panel

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Haichen light guide panel, adopt optic acrylic board, engraved dots matrix at the bottom side, when the lights spread to each dots, the reflected lights will spread to all around, then spread toward the front side. Through these dots with different sizes, could make the lights uniform. The function of reflective sheet is to reflect lights to the front side, improve the usage rate of light, under same area, the higher usage rate, the lower power consumption.
    Production Process Evolution
    With the extension and development of science and technology, LED light guide plate production process has become increasingly diverse. Although the various production processes have their advantages and disadvantages, the new method of making light guide plate compared to the traditional has a more significant advantage. The traditional light-guide plate is not only light refraction effect is slightly worse, and the ink volatile, easy to change the stability of the light guide; chemical etching mainly for small liquid crystal display backlit products, large-scale production of light guide plate reaches very difficulty ... ... In contrast, the light guide plate engraved laser dot machine using uniform distribution and ensure the uniformity of up to 90%.

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